Ambassadors are expected to:

  1.  Provide a welcoming environment for everyone to learn and show off their projects.
  2. Run an event whenever we have sponsored hardware that features that hardware. This event must be posted on Hackster, and you must select the sponsored workshop from the dropdown menu. Except for months you take vacation, illness, or other situations require you to take an extended leave, in which case your hardware shipment will be suspended until you return. Please notify us if you're taking a break :-)
  3. Have total of at least ten member attend your events each month a) Your event must be posted on Hackster, and your minimum of ten RSVPs must be via Hackster. b) Your hardware allotment will be partially based on how many RSVPs you receive on Hackster. 
  4. Submit at a link to your photo album to the #hacksterlive_photos channel on slack
  5. Build (or have participants of your meetup build) at least one hardware project on Hackster per month.
  6. Share the duties with at least one co-organizer. 

+1 Requirements:

  1. Ambassadors are asked to follow the guidelines for posting on slack.
  2. Ambassadors are welcome to ask questions about the program - however, we ask that prior to asking your question you check the knowledgebase to see if it's been answered there.
  3. Ambassadors are encouraged to give feedback about the program, the tutorials, the sponsored hardware, and Hackster's website. We occasionally send out surveys and we appreciate your thoughtful input.
  4. Promote the meetup on social media; tweet and post on Instagram with the hashtag #HacksterLive and our sponsor's twitter handles and encourage participants to tweet as well.  

If you want to go above and beyond, your help is always appreciated. Ambassadors are constantly upping the ante! We take notice and promote our best meetups to sponsored meetups.

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