We organize monthly learning activities for ambassadors only. Evangelists from Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and more are teaming up to bring you awesome IoT content that you can use at your meetups. 

This will include fully documented content on Hackster and a ‘train the trainer’ webinar. For those of you who can’t attend, the webinar will be posted to Hackster’s youtube channel afterwards.

These “train the trainer” events are held in various time zones and we do our best to find the best time for everyone. 

You can find a list of Hackster Live educational materials here.

Here’s a list of past workshops:

Particle + Azure Weather Station: March/April 2016

Project on Hackster: Particle + Azure Weather Station

Webinar on Channel9: Particle + Azure Weather Station

Building Alexa Skills: May/June 2016

Webinar on Youtube: Building Alexa Skills

Intel Edison Tweet Cute Dog: July/August 2016

Webinar on Youtube: Intel Edison Tweet Cute Dog

Projects on Hackster: Intel Edison, Twitter API, and Cute Dogs, Cute Dogs 2: Electric Woofaloo

Sparkfun Blynk: September/October 2016

Projects on Hackster: Getting Started with the Sparkfun Blynk board

Arduino 101 BLE Bot 9000: November/December 2016

Webinar on Youtube: BLE Bot 9000

Project on Hackster: BLE Bot 9000

Arduino 101 Lend me your Ears: March/April 2017

Projects on Hackster: Lend me your ears, Hackster Live March 2017 Workshop

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