Create your Account: 

Create a Flickr account here. The nice thing about Flickr is that even though it is Yahoo’s photo sharing system, you can use whatever email is convenient and you do not have to have a Yahoo email account.

Upload your photos:

You can reach the main page of your account by clicking the “you” link in the top left hand corner of the screen. Your main screen is your camera roll, which will show the most recently uploaded photos on the top of the page and older uploads as you scroll down the page.

To upload a photo or photos, click on the cloud with an up arrow on the menu bar in the top right of your screen.

You can drag and drop, or choose photos from your computer to upload. Once you have chosen your photos, you can select them, change the name of the photos, add tags (sponsors!), and change the privacy settings.

**Make sure you have set your privacy settings to “visible to everyone” - Anyone (public) - so that other ambassadors and Hackster Live members can view your meetup photos.**

When you have named and tagged your photos to your liking, click on the “Upload Photos” button on the top right of your screen. You will then be prompted to upload or continue editing. Click the “upload” button.


Create an Album:

On your main screen click on the “Albums” tab

Then click “New album”

Now name your album the same name as the event at which you took the photos. For example Seattle Hardware’s February Meetup was called Hack Night! EE Topic: Transistors. So I will name my album the same thing: “Hack Night! EE Topic: Transistors”. You can also add a description of the meetup if you would like.

You can now drag pictures to the album one at a time, or save time by clicking on the first picture, holding shift, and clicking on the last picture. This will highlight all the photos in-between and allow you to drag them all at once into the album.

Note you can use the drop down menu to narrow down the pictures that show up in the bottom bar.

When you have finished adding photos to the album, click the blue “save” button on the left side of the screen.

Create a Collection of Albums:

From your main screen, click on the “Albums” tab and click “New collection”

On the top left hand corner you will see “Create a new: collection or album” Click on the “collection” link.

You will be prompted to give your collection a name. This should be the name of your meetup on your Hackster Live page. You can include a description of your meetup if you choose. Click “Create” when finished.

Drag and Drop your event albums into your Hackster Live collection and you will see them show up under the collection name.

You can go to your collection page by clicking the collection name on the left column and then clicking “open collection page”

Once you are in your collection page, you can copy the url and share to allow anyone to see your collection of event albums! See where should I put my photos article to see when and where to post links to your albums.

Check out the collection I just walked you through here.

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