Current photo requirements include:

  1. Photo album created and labeled for each event, tagged with sponsors if sponsored event
  2. One url link for easy access to all the photo albums for your Hackster Live Chapter. This link should be posted on the ambassador directory 
  3. Share the link to your photo album after each event using slack. Share photo album in #HacksterLive_photos channel

 We reviewed many options for photos and picked the best two based on the requirements above, photo quality, and ability to tag and search for photos. Please choose one of the following options below for sharing photos. 

  • Create a flickr account here.
  • Create a collection titled with your Hackster Live Chapter name
  • Create an album of pictures for each event and keep each album in your Hackster Live collection.
  • For more help read the Knowledgebase article on how to manage your photos on flickr here. 
  • Create and properly label albums for each event on meetup. 

Once you have chosen one of these two options, add your flickr collection or meetup photo link in column P of the ambassador directory. 

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