We keep them updated on the Hackster Live page. Please list them on your meetup sponsors page if you have one.

Currently they are:

  • Intel (@IntelSoftware or #IntelMaker) - Semiconductor giant. Sending us Intel Edisons and Arduino 101s to use for workshops
  • Mikroelektronika (@mikroel) - for the month of March, Mikroelektronika is giving Hackster a deal on their parts to create our kits!
  • Amazon Alexa (@alexadevs) - Sending an Amazon Echo to all Hackster Live hubs! We'll be creating workshops for them based on the skills you create!

Past Sponsors and in-kind sponsors:

  • Sparkfun (@sparkfun) - Amazing company based in Boulder, CO. Will be providing components for a future workshop.
  • Adafruit (@adafruit) - Great company! Gives us their hackerspace discount and promotes Hackster Live!
  • Particle (@particle) - Fast-growing hardware startup with a fantastic product. Provided 100 Particle photons for our first official workshops.
  • Mouser (@mouser) - Go here for all your component needs! They're providing components to put in your hackleboxes.
  • Microsoft (@microsoftiot) - You know them. Provides you snack budget; wants to promote Azure and Visual Studio.
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