If you’re a sponsored meetup, you must add sponsor logos to your meetup page. If you're not sponsored, adding sponsors is optional.

Here’s a meetup article about how to add and remove sponsors on meetup.com. Our sponsors change occasionally, so we'll update this list accordingly and notify you on slack when it happens.

  1. Everybody should add Hackster’s logo. (“Hackster.io is the place to learn and build hardware!”)
  2. Add Adafruit (“Use code HacksterLive to take 10% off your next Adafruit order!”)
  3. Add Amazon Alexa’s logo. (“Make an Alexa Skill using the Skills Kit!”) https://www.hackster.io/amazon-alexa
  4. Add Intel's logo. (“Intel sponsors us with hardware and swag”) https://software.intel.com/en-us/

Of course, make sure you give your local sponsor some love too if you have any!

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