Importing projects is an easy way to seed your community and aggregate projects from around the web. Start with the usual project-creation process: from the "Projects" tab on your hub, click the "Add a project" button: 

On the next page, scroll down until you see the importer:

After importing the project, edit it carefully for extraneous text and other potential issues (since the importer can't be universally perfect). On the project page, click the “Edit” button to get started. Check that images and video all look good, and add the bill of materials under the Things tab in the editor, as well as schematics and code under Attachments. Now you're ready to publish!


We leave it up to you to obtain permission from the author – usually no problem for makers, who often share their work to help others learn. Here’s how to give credit simply and fairly.


In the editor, click over to the Team tab, then select this checkbox to give credit.

Enter the contributors’ info and save your changes. You can add a primary author, as well as credit for other people who helped along the way.

Now, encourage your community to claim their projects. This increases the likelihood that our team will feature the projects – and it encourages the authors to share more!

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