What is the Hackster (Free) Store?

It's a shortcut to get your tech into the hands of those who will actually use it... and share the results!
Hacksters earn reputation points by posting content, and spend them on items from the Store.
You're connecting with makers who are already active project-makers and documentarians.

You can offer off-the-shelf versions, dev kits, refurbished items, and discount codes – useful for software or service platforms.

Send an email to help@hackster.io, and let us know these few things:

• Which product(s) are you offering?

• How many units of each?

• Would you like to require any extra actions that members should perform to claim the item?

The point value is usually determined as 10x the dollar value of the item – so, 500 points for a $50 refurbished smartwatch – minus points for any actions required.

We'll pass the info for each order on to you, and you can take it from there!

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