2020 UPDATE: We have sunset this feature. It is no longer available.

Are you a professor or staff at a University or other center of education? Hackster provides free courseware to schools and universities with electronics. Just like UC Berkeley and UNC Charlotte, you can create your own page on Hackster for your class.


Hackster University pages let you:
• Create pages for each course you teach
• Create a page for each semester of the course
• Invite students to the course
• Invite other professors to help manage the course
• Assign projects to students
• Grade assignments
• View all projects associated with the course in one place

They are also helpful for students, since each time a student submits a project to an assignment on Hackster they get a great portfolio piece.

University pages are a hidden feature on Hackster. You'll have to save the link to your page when we give it to you, since university pages are not visible in Hackster's search.

Create a page

To get started creating your page, send us the name of your institution and the name of your program or course. We'll create a page for your course and send you an email with a special link to join.
Your url will be "https://www.hackster.io/courses/[YOUR INSTITUTION NAME]/[YOUR DEPARTMENT NAME]"

E.G. "https://www.hackster.io/courses/mcu-india/Computer-Applications"
You can create as many different courses for your institution as you wish. 

Join the page

Once you join the course page, we'll make you a professor, which means you'll see a "Manage page" dropdown. Professors can add classes, change the course name, add a cover image, a course description, and links to your other sites.

Edit Course

Select "Edit course" under "Manage page"

On the next page, you can edit the course name, the cover image, the course description, and links to your other site. When you are finished editing, click "Save changes" to apply the changes.

Add a class

The class is the year or semester that you are teaching the course. Each class gets a separate page on the course page where you can manage assignments and grades, and where students can post their projects.
Go to "Manage Course" > "New class." 

Select your University from the dropdown on the next page:

Select your course from the next dropdown:

Once your course has been selected, add your class year or semester:

When you are finished, it will autopopulate with your course name and semester:

When you click "Complete" you'll see your class page. You'll see menu items for Projects, Assignments, Students, and the "Manage Page" dropdown (only visible to professors).

To get back to your main course page, click on the course name (in this case, Computer Applications).
Once your class has been added, it will be visible under the "Classes" tab on the main page.

Edit a class

If you wish to edit a class, go back to the class page (select it on the "classes" tab) and select "Manage page" > "Edit class." Here you can edit the class in the same way you edited the course.

Delete a class

If you create a class incorrectly and wish to delete it, email [email protected] and I'll delete it for you. 

Invite students

Invite your students to the class by navigating to the class page and selecting "Manage Page" > "Invite members." 

Here you can add multiple email addresses separated by a line break, or you can send an invite link.

Invite other professors

Invite other professors in the same way that you invited students. If you would like to add other professors with the ability to edit the course page, rather than just the class page, you must invite them from the course page.

Once they are added as professors with manage rights on the course page, you will then have to add them as a professor with manage rights to each class you want them to be able to manage.

Select "Manage page" > "Invite members" to invite professors.

Once they have joined the page, select "Manage Page" > "Manage Members."

Here, you can choose their role - student, TA (teaching assistant) or professor.

If they are a TA or professor and you would like to give them the ability to edit the page (the "Manage page" dropdown), select "manage" instead of "read." 

Add an assignment

To add an assignment, go to "Manage Page" > "New Assignment" on the class page.

On the next page, name the assignment and choose how it will be graded. You can choose to grade by team, grade by student, or not assign grades on Hackster.

Once you've added your assignment, it will get its own page where students can submit their projects:

Edit assignments

You can go back and edit your assignment by selecting "Manage Assignment" > "Edit assignment."

Here you can add Assignment Instructions (as a downloadable PDF) and a 'Submit by' date, as well as edit the name and grading type.

If you wish to delete an incorrectly created assignment, contact [email protected].

Have students submit their projects

Students can submit their projects for an assignment by selecting the assignment and selecting "Add project to assignment." 

Their project will then appear on the assignment page, as well as on the class page under the "projects" tab.

Grade assignments

Go to "Manage assignment" > "Manage grades."

To start grading, select the pencil on the left side of a project:

Add your grade (you decide the rubric) as well as any notes. 

When you are finished grading one student, click "save and next" to go to the next student. The grades will be saved but not sent.

Once you have finished grading all of the student's projects, you'll be taken back to the main page where you'll see that the grades are marked "complete."
To send the grades to the students, click "release grades to students." 

This will email their grades to whatever email address they used to join Hackster.
You can also download the grades by selecting "download grades."

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