You will need to add your project to a contest before you can submit it for judging*.

To add a project, go to and choose the contest you are entering. If you haven’t already done so, register for the contest by clicking the “Register as a participant” button on the top of the contest page.

Scroll down the page to the contest overview. On the right side of the page you will see an option to create a new project or add an existing project.

Create new project - clicking this option will bring you to the project builder where you will be prompted to create a new project from scratch.

Add existing project - clicking this option will allow you to choose an option from your existing projects to add to the contest.

Once you have added a project it will show up on the contest overview page. You can now update and work on your project until you are ready to submit it for judging*.

*Note: Adding a project to a contest page is NOT the same as submitting a project for judging. To submit your project, follow the instructions in the help article How do I submit a project to a contest for judging.

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