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How do I submit a project to a contest for judging?
How do I submit a project to a contest for judging?
Written by Katie Kristoff
Updated over a week ago

Go to and choose the contest you are entering. On the right side panel of the page you will see the project(s) that you have added to the contest. If you have not added your project to the contest, see How do I add a project to a contest for more information.

Click the “Review and Submit Project” button.

You'll be directed to your project page and shown a checklist that you must review before submitting your project.

  • Answer any required questions and review the submission requirements for the contest to ensure that your project is eligible for judging.

  • If your project is complete and meets all the contest requirements, check the box that reads “I have reviewed my submission and made sure it meets all the requirements above.”

  • Click “Submit project”.

If your project does not meet all the requirements, edit your project to add any missing fields before submitting it to the contest.

Once your project has been submitted, you will see a “submitted” icon under your project name in the side panel of the contest overview page.

You can continue to edit a project submitted to a contest up to the submission deadline. Once the submission deadline has passed, your project will be locked from editing until the judging period is complete and the winners have been announced.

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