Welcome to Hackster! We're very excited to launch a campaign together with you. In order to get you started, you'll need our recommended design asset sizes to share with your team. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to your Hackster representative for more information.

Social Sizes

  • Twitter: 16:9 ratio (1280x720)

  • Facebook: 4:3 ratio (1200x900)

  • Instagram: Squared (>1080x1080)

  • Instagram Stories: 9:16 ratio

  • YouTube Thumbnail: 16:9 (1280x720)

Newsletter Placement

Newsletter placement requires an image, text and a link.

  • Headline: image with 16:9 ratio, 1-2 sentence description, CTA button text (1-2 words), link

  • Feature: image with 4:3 ratio, 1-2 sentence description, title, link

Hackster Ads

  • Content Pages: a ratio of 4:3 and be at least 540x404px

  • News Page Hero Banner: a ratio of 27/50 and be at least 540x1000px

    • Must also include a mobile version with a ratio of 345/86 and be at least 690x172px

  • Homepage Banner: a ratio of 364:45 and be at least 2340x288px

  • News Gallery: a ratio of 16:9 and be at least 540x304px

    • Gallery ads must also include a short text message, limit 140 characters.

Hackster Event Page - Featured Event Card

See examples of featured cards at hackster.io/events. Note, any user can upload events to Hackster's event page. If you'd like an upcoming event be in a featured spot, contact your Hackster representative. If you're doing an event (virtual or physical) together with Hackster, your event will automatically be featured on this page.

  • Ratio of 3:2 and at least 2220x1480px

    • An optional mobile version is available for images with text, minimum of 240x240px.

    • Featured event cards have a date overlay in the top left corner. We advise avoiding logos or text there.

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