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Design asset size recommendations for Hackster services

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Welcome to Hackster! We're very excited to launch a campaign together with you. In order to get you started, you'll need our recommended design asset sizes to share with your team. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to your Hackster representative for more information.

Social Sizes

  • Twitter: 16:9 ratio (1280x720)

  • Facebook: 4:3 ratio (1200x900)

  • Instagram: Squared (>1080x1080)

  • Instagram Stories: 9:16 ratio

  • YouTube Thumbnail: 16:9 (1280x720)

Newsletter Placement

Newsletter placement requires an image, text and a link.

  • Headline: image with 16:9 ratio, 1-2 sentence description, CTA button text (1-2 words), link

  • Feature: image with 4:3 ratio, 1-2 sentence description, title, link

Hackster Ads

  • Content Ads: a ratio of 4:3 and be 810x606px (minimum 270x202px)

  • News Page Hero Banner: a ratio of 27/50 and be 810x1500 (minimum 270x500px)

    • Must also include a mobile version with a ratio of 345/86 and be 1035x258 (minimum 345x86px)

  • Homepage Banner: a ratio of 364:45 and be 3510x432px (minimum 1170x144px)

  • News Gallery: a ratio of 16:9 and be 810x456px (minimum 270x152px)

    • Gallery ads must also include a short text message, limit 140 characters.

You have the option of selecting specific geo-locations by region, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or United States.


For the best quality visuals;

  • Contest Banner: a ratio of 4:1 and be 4800x1200px (minimum 1600x400px)

  • Contest Thumbnail and Mobile: ratio of 21:10 and be 1890x900px (minimum 630x300px)

  • HW Graphic: ratio of 16:9 and be 2220x1248px (minimum 740x416px)

  • Prize Graphic: ratio of 3:2 and be 651x434px (minimum 217x145px)

  • Any additional images you'd like to include in the story body, sent as separate files

Hackster Event Page - Featured Event Card

See examples of featured cards at hackster.io/events. Note, any user can upload events to Hackster's event page. If you'd like an upcoming event be in a featured spot, contact your Hackster representative. If you're doing an event (virtual or physical) together with Hackster, your event will automatically be featured on this page.

  • Ratio of 3:2 and at least 2220x1480px

    • An optional mobile version is available for images with text, minimum of 240x240px.

    • Featured event cards have a date overlay in the top left corner. We advise avoiding logos or text there.

Hackster Sponsored Article

Sponsored articles are written by you and posted as a Hackster News article. You'll send over a Word doc with your article write-up and a Hackster admin will import it to our editor, creating a draft version for your review. Hackster News articles have similar editor features as our project editor, so you can include links, bulleted lists, images, social post embed (Twitter, Instagram) or embed a video (a YouTube link or URL from a mP4 hosted elsewhere).

You'll also need to provide:

  • "Hero image" for your article topper: Both 16:9 ratio and 1:1 ratio versions

  • Any additional images you'd like to include in the article body, sent as separate files

  • Title, limit 100 characters

  • Summary, limit 140 characters

  • Up to 5 topic tags from Hackster's existing tag list. To see if the tags exist yet, work with your Hackster admin.

  • Products to be tagged, if any. The product will need to first be uploaded to your Hackster platform hub in order to be searchable.

  • Author information:

    • Name (person or company)

    • Hyperlink

    • 1:1 image (usually company logo)


If you have additional questions about sizing, contact [email protected].


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