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Adding home sections to your channel's home tab
Adding home sections to your channel's home tab

This article describes how to add and arrange sections on the home tab of your platform hub or community hub.

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The home tab is a great place for you to promote your brand by featuring projects, products, articles, upcoming events and more.

To make changes, go to your platform hub or community hub, click on "Settings" and choose "Edit settings".

Under your platform hub settings, select "Home sections" and click "Add section".

You can mix and match home sections and add as many sections as you like. Follow the steps below for more details on how to create and customize your home tab with each of the four home sections types.

Section Types:

  • Call to Action: Add a banner image that can hyperlink to internal or external resources.

  • Category: Display a row of projects based on a category. Select a category from the dropdown list and projects matching that category tag will populate.

  • Product: (platform hubs only) Display a row of projects by product. Click on the dropdown or start typing your product name to find a product you'd like to showcase. The product must be added to your platform in order for it to appear in the dropdown list.

  • Promoted Content: Showcase 2-4 pieces of content in this featured block. Add your favorite projects, product guide downloads, videos, events or anything else you want to give special attention.

Arranging Home Sections: Drag and drop to arrange your home sections in any order you like on your home tab.

Call to Action Section

The Call to Action (CTA) section is a great way to highlight an upcoming contest, event, or product launch with a big splash on your homepage.

  1. Start by giving your CTA a name. The name is used for admin purposes and will not be displayed on your homepage.

  2. Upload an image. We recommend using a high resolution image if possible to make sure your image looks picture perfect. If you're designing in Illustrator or Photoshop, try exporting your image at 2x resolution.

  3. Add a hyperlink. If you are running a marketing campaign, be sure to add your tracking UTM parameters at the end of the URL slug.

  4. Once you've finished adding in all the content, click on "Add section" followed by "Save changes" to finalize this section.

  5. Click "Preview" to see how your section will appear. If you're happy with the look, click "Save changes" for the new layout to go live.

Category Section

The category section allows you to showcase project categories, including generic categories such as "Most popular" and "Most recently added". You can also feature projects and add a "Featured" category.

  1. Select a project category from the dropdown list. You can only choose from categories that contain one or more projects. Keep in mind the home section has four cards per row. If the row has less than four projects, the remaining space will be blank.

  2. Choose an option and click "Add Section", then "Save changes" to finalize your edits and return to the home sections settings.

  3. Click "Preview" to check your design and click "Save changes" again to push your edits live.

Product Section (platform hubs only)

This section is great for promoting popular, newly launched products or products with active marketing campaigns. The first card in the row will show the product image, name and a link to the product page. The following three cards will show projects that have tagged that product in their BOM list.

  1. Choose a 'Product' from the dropdown list. If you don't see the product in the list, try typing in the field and the product will populate. The product must be added to your platform hub in order to appear.

  2. Click "Add Section". Click "Save changes" to finalize this section and push the changes live.

Promoted Content Section

Using a promoted content section is a great way to showcase all the exciting things happening with your company and brand. This section allows for two to four featured items. If you have more than four items you want to showcase, just add another promoted content section on your home tab!

  1. Give your section a title to match the content you're promoting, such as "Our Favorite Projects" or "Featured Activities". You could also make a product-specific block that includes the product page, intro video, webinar link and blog article. Note, this section title will appear on the live version.

  2. Click on the "Add new item" button then follow the steps to add your first item. Click "Add content" to save the item in your draft and populate the preview.

  3. Add additional items.

  4. Once you are happy with your content section, click "Save changes" to finalize your edits and return to the home sections settings.

  5. Click "Preview" to check your design and click "Save changes" to push your edits live.

Arranging Sections on Your Homepage

When editing your homepage you can arrange sections so that they appear in any order that you like. To arrange your sections, click on the 4 dots next to your section name and drag and drop your section into position. Don't forget to click "Save changes" when you are finished arranging your sections.

That's everything! Now you are all set to go add content sections to your channel homepage.

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