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How do I submit my platform hub or community hub for approval?
How do I submit my platform hub or community hub for approval?
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Creating a new channel (platform hub or community hub) is free and easy to do. Once your channel is approved, it will be searchable on the Hackster website and you can add products, customize your home tab, manage projects and more.

When you create a new channel, fill out as much information in each section as possible to give our Hackster admins a full picture of who you are and what your company or organization does. Once you have finished adding all the required information and are ready to publish, click "Request approval" at the top of your settings page. This will notify a Hackster admin that you're ready for review.

You will receive an email to confirm that your request for approval has been received.

When your hub has been reviewed by a Hackster admin, you will receive an email to inform you whether your hub has been approved or denied. If you hub is denied, you'll be able to make updates and re-submit for review. If you have questions or require guidance on setting up your platform, you can email [email protected].

Once your hub is approved, you'll see a "Hackster approved" badge at the top of your platform hub indicating that your platform or community is now public and will appear in Hackster searches.

An unapproved hub does not show up in search or channel pages and is accessible by admins only.

If you'd like your platform hub to appear on, you must have a minimum of 25 followers and 10 projects. Once you've reached that threshold, you can email [email protected] and request to be featured.

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