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How do I delete my platform hub?
How do I delete my platform hub?
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There are many reasons you might want to delete a platform hub. A Hackster admin is always on standby to advise you on the best solution forward. To delete a platform, the platform admin must email [email protected] and request to terminate the page.

Have you changed branding, merged companies or been acquired?

Maybe deleting your platform hub isn't the best solution. It's possible to move products to a new platform hub, although you'll lose all the followers when you make the switch to the new one. It's also possible to keep your old platform hub and use it as a legacy page for a project and product repository.

Products have a neat feature in which it can be associated with multiple platforms. Keep your old platform hub alive and associate the products with both platforms! Currently this feature must be added by a Hackster admin. If you're interested, email us!

Keep in mind, products associated with platform hubs can only have a creator/manufacturer relationship. If it is not your company's own product, it should not be listed on your platform hub. This protects the integrity of platform hubs' product lists and project galleries.

Have you noticed your company has a platform hub but you're unsure who created it or is the current admin?

Perhaps the page was created by a Hackster admin because we noticed a lot of community members were creating projects. Perhaps the page was created by an employee that no longer works at your company. Fear not! Email [email protected] and we'll add you as an administrator and coach you on how to make your platform hub shiny and relevant again.

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