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Why wasn't my channel approved?
Why wasn't my channel approved?
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Your channel page might not have been approved for a variety of reasons.

First, make sure you are using the correct channel type for your need. There are three types of channel page types on Hackster: platform hubs, community hubs and topic pages. If you're trying to create a platform hub but your company doesn't have any products, your platform hub was probably rejected.

  • Platform hubs: These are company landing pages used by companies that make their own products. These hubs have a product tab and projects are dynamically linked to their hub when their products are tagged in a project BOM list.

  • Community hubs: These pages are often used by schools, hack spaces and other types of engineering organizations that don't produce their own products. Projects are added to the page by the hub's administrators or by users manually adding their project via the "add a project" button.

  • Topic pages: These pages are managed by Hackster admins and cannot be created by the public.

Another reason your channel might have been rejected is because it does not have enough information on the page. Be sure to include your company link, a CTA and CTA link, a high quality logo image, etc. so a Hackster admin can get a good understanding of what you do.

If you have questions about what else your channel might need to be approved, contact us at [email protected].

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