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How to add a product to your platform hub
How to add a product to your platform hub

This article describes the best practices for adding and showcasing your products on your platform hub.

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To edit or add products on your platform hub, go to your platform hub's Settings and choose "Edit settings" from the dropdown.

Choose the "Products" tab, and click on the "Manage Products" link on the page.

On the product management page, you can add new products, see and edit existing products, view the number of projects each product has been tagged in, and check the visibility status of your products.

To add a new product to your platform, click on the green "New product" button which will bring you to the new product page.

Once you have filled out all the required information for your product, click on the "Save Changes" button at the bottom to save your product to Hackster.

Showcase your newly added product on your homepage

Give members of your platform hub an easy way to learn about your most relevant products by adding them to your homepage as a featured section.

To add a product to your homepage, click on the "Home sections" tab and select "Product". Choose a product you'd like to feature from the dropdown menu, click "Add Section", then click "Save Changes" to finalize and publish your product section on your homepage.

To learn more about customizing your homepage visit the article How to add home sections to your platform hub home tab.

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