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Adding high-quality content to your platform hub
Adding high-quality content to your platform hub

Types of content we recommend you include for your product hub and around Hackster.

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Populating your platform hub can seem daunting at first, but we're here to help! Some of the best content you can showcase on your platform hub is content that you may have already created on your own. Projects tutorials, product documentation, events, and other content can help your audience better understand your brand, the capabilities of your products, and how to use them.


The projects page allows you to migrate existing projects, tutorials, and guides for your products, onto Hackster and share ways your products can be used with the developer community. When creating projects, you can include in-depth visuals such as code elements, image carousels, and embedded videos to give more information to your audience.


Product pages can give your audience more details and information on your products by linking to libraries, documentation, datasheets, and other resources. Product-specific micro-galleries will grow as more projects using your products are added. These pages are useful ways to organize information on specific products and give in-depth information on how your products can be used.


Your home tab is where your primary content will be displayed. The home section format types allow for large banner images, featured project collections by product or topic, and/or a custom content block, allowing you to link to your own external promotional material such as events, product launch announcements, videos, and more.

Platform hubs like Blues Wireless and Raspberry Pi showcase webinars, videos, product information, and example projects on their home tabs. These are great examples of what you can include on your platform hub to reach audiences who want to learn more about your business and products.

We recommend you add between 8 to 10 different content sections on your home tab. Learn more about home sections and how to add them in the article, How to add home sections to your platform hub home tab.

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