Your platform hub's discussion board is a direct channel to talk with your audience and give them a space to discuss your products, content, and anything else related to your business. The key features of your discussion board include:

  1. Making announcements on important news such as a new product launch, a promotional event, or updates on existing content.

  2. Giving your audience a space to talk and discuss your platform hub's content and communicate with your business directly.

  3. Answering technical and important questions about your products and content.

  4. Pin important messages and call-to-actions at the top of your discussion feed to ensure that your message is seen by all active members in your community.

To get to your platform hub's discussion board, click on the "Discussion" tab on your platform hub's page:

Discussion Categories


As a platform hub admin, you have access to make announcements on your hub's discussion board. Write your announcement in the discussion text box, then choose "announcements" from the category dropdown menu. When you send an announcement, members of your platform hub will be notified of it via email, so make sure to use announcements only to share the most important information with your audience.


The General category on your platform hub's discussion board shows what all members of your hub are talking about. If you want to start a conversation about a specific topic or send a message to your audience without sending an announcement, choose the general category when creating a post to make sure your active discussion board members will see it and engage with it.

Technical help:

The Technical help category on your platform hub's discussion board is a place for your audience to ask technical questions about your products and report any issues they've encountered. To ensure your platform hub members have a good experience when interacting with your business, be sure to monitor and respond to questions in this section often.

Monitoring and Moderating Your Discussion Board

It's important to be an active member of your discussion board and regularly monitor activity to see what your audience is talking about and how it relates to your business. Talking directly with your audience will make their interaction with your hub more personal and give you valuable insight into what is important to them.

Moderating your discussion board often is also important to report posts that do not relate to your platform hub or posts that are hurtful in some way. You can report posts by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of a post.

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