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How do I confirm my account?
How do I confirm my account?
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After creating a new Hackster user account, you'll automatically be directed to our homepage. You'll notice a yellow banner under the navigation bar that invites you to confirm your user account. You must confirm your account in order to fully enjoy all of Hackster's features like commenting on projects, adding events or launching a platform hub.

Simultaneously, you'll receive two emails - a welcome email and a confirmation email.

If you do not receive an email, you can click "resend email" on the website's banner to trigger another email. Note, you can only request this once per hour. If you try requesting it multiple times within the hour, you'll see an error message.

If you need to update the account to a different email address, navigate to the "Resend email" screen and click "update your email address".

If you continue to have trouble confirming your account, contact [email protected].

If you're having trouble verifying your email address, check out the help article "Why can't I verify my account?"

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