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What are the judging criteria for a contest?
What are the judging criteria for a contest?
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Each contest is unique and often there are contest specific rules that you should be aware of. To find the judging rubric and breakdown of points for the specific contest you are participating in, go to the "Judging criteria" section in the contest rules.

โ€‹In addition to specific judging criteria, please note that your final project must also consist of the following materials:

  • Project title, description and cover image

  • Bill of materials

  • Full instructions (story) and images

  • Source code via Github or Bitbucket

  • Electronics schematics

  • CAD files if any

Adding a video is a great way to enhance your project, but it is not required unless specified in the contest rules.

Follow the content guidelines for additional tips and tricks to create a high quality project.

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