Boost Your Hackster Factor
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We're constantly looking for new ways to drive traffic to your page. Here's what you can do to mobilize your makers, get more shares, and keep the world's eyes on your platform:

• Add a "Projects" link in the top nav bar or footer of your site: Particle and UDOO do this to help customers – or potential customers – get inspired and share their projects.

• Tweet the page to your followers – Something like: "Join the @platform project hub on @hacksterio! Share your hacks, find tutorials, and earn respect:"

• If you have built any awesome projects in-house, put them on Hackster and grow your library of examples!

• Announce new projects on your social media outlets – We tweet every one, so you can simply RT us for a zero-effort signal boost.

• Feature community projects to encourage your makers to share and gain respect. (That’s part of the “Moderate projects” settings in your admin interface.)

• Don't miss out on projects for your community! Add your hardware as Products on your page; this enables autocomplete when makers use your components in a project, which in turn links the project to your platform. Enable it via Manage hub > Edit settings > Products, and then add your modules under Manage hub > Manage products. Tessel has done a beautiful job here.

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