Let us know about the meetup group that you want to turn into a Hackster Live meetup.

  • “Hackster.io” will join, and then you can add them as a co-organizer
  • You can change the URL if you want as well as long as you’re ok with breaking links. If it’s a well known meetup and you’re worried about the links, just keep the URL
  • If you wish, rename your meetup to something “Hackstery.” You can see an example here: http://www.meetup.com/Hackster-NCR/
  • Email your meetup members to let them know of the change. My email below:

Hi everyone,

You've probably noticed the name change from Seattle Arduino Meetup to Hackster Hardware Meetup.

I've been looking for an excuse to branch this group out to other types of hardware for a while. When we started our worldwide Hackster Hardware Meetup series at Hackster.io, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to embrace hardware other than Arduino.

Granted, Arduino is still my personal favorite thing to work with. There will be plenty of Arduino at the meetup, and beginners will always be welcome. We love beginners!



P.S. If you don't know what Hackster.io is, check it out - lots of great inspiration for hardware projects there! Also, if you have any questions or comments about the change, hit me up!

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