When you first get started as an ambassador, you need to create a Hackster Live page for your chapter. Our goal is for each chapter's page in Hackster Live to become a repository of cool projects created at your events. You can schedule events here and they’ll show up on the nearest Hackster City page if there is one (e.g. hackster.io/nyc)

Go to www.hackster.io/live/new and create your group.
Check “apply to hackster live.”

Ping Monica to approve the new group so it gets added to the list of chapters here: www.hackster.io/live/

If you already have a meetup group, send an email to meetup members and post an announcement on your meetup's discussion board about your Hackster Live page.

Here's text for a short email:

"Join the community on Hackster here [sharing link for Hackster Live page] and join the slack channel at slack.hackster.io (we offer cool prizes and "slackathons" from time to time)"

To get the invite code for your Hackster Live page, go to "Manage page" > "Invite members" and choose the link at the bottom.

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