Welcome to the Hackster Live slack team!

Drew made this helpful video about using Slack. It's slightly outdated but we recommend you watch it.

It occurred to us that some of you may need an introduction as to what this Slack channel Is all about.

There are chat channels set up few a variety of topics. You have already been added to most channels, and if you're a Hackster Ambassador you should have received an invitation to all of our private channels. You can find more channels to join by clicking on CHANNELS and browsing the channels (at the time of writing this, there are 78). If you haven't joined yet, join here.

While you're on slack, you're expected to abide by our code of conduct. Be gracious and respectful of others.

We'll call you out for being negative without being constructive. If you really have to be an asshole, write down all your asshole thoughts on a piece of paper and then burn it.

General channels:

#announcements. This channel is for Hackster Live staff to make announcements.

#general is the main chat channel. Discuss anything loT or Hackster-related general chattery. Show us the coolest project you found today, or what you're working on!

#components is a place to discuss components, sensors, platforms, workspaces, tools. and show off your personal component collection!

#development is for discussion around any development. Arduino, web languages - it's all welcome. Ask a question or get help on a project! We also have channels for specific platforms.

#live_now is a place to post anything going on right this moment - maybe you're live streaming your meetup on Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch or some other streaming service. Maybe there's an offline webinar we should know about. Drop it here! This is connected to our Live Calendar, so you'll also see links to events that are currently happening posted here.

#offtopic is for anything non-loT or hackster-related. It helps to keep things like politics in their own room (reminder - be respectful!)

#opportunities is where we will post various gigs or opportunities from time to time. Maybe get paid for sponsor bounties or just for making something cool!

#resources is a place to store links to documents and files. Post anything that might be useful to other Hackster Live members. Maybe there's a cool store you like with cheap prices, maybe learning materials from YouTube, maybe powerpoints frorn your meetups.

#slackhelp is a place to ask admins for any help regarding Slack. For instance, requesting that we set up a channel for your local Hackster Live meetup, like mine (# phx)!

Ambassador only private channels:

#amb_announcements -

#amb_chat - chat about ambassador related things here, like the train the trainer content

#amb_emburse - This is for questions about your emburse card, if you have one.

#amb_opportunities - active ambassadors are given preference for bounties and other perks. We'll post them here.

#amb_region_india - for Indian ambassadors to chat and organize (or second largest cohort after US)

#amb_region_usa - for US ambassadors to chat (half of our meetups are in the US)

#amb_resources is a place to post ambassador specific resources, like powerpoints for your events.

Please post your resources to the resources folder on Google Drive before sharing them here since slack posts don't last very long.

#amb_shipping - ask all your shipping related questions here

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