Hackster and our sponsors LOVE when our ambassadors use social media to help show off their products. The more exposure sponsors get on twitter from ambassadors, the more they want to continue sponsoring your Hackster workshops. So let's learn how to tweet effectively and show our sponsors some love!

Basic Twitter features and how to use them

Username - Each company or individual has a username. Hackster’s username is Hacksterio. This is also called a “handle”.

Tweet - A tweet is a 140 character public message. Whatever you write in a tweet, everyone can see. You can attach pictures, gifs, videos, and include mentions and hashtags.

Mention (@) - A mention is when you include the @ symbol followed by someone's username in your tweet. This notifies the user that they have been mentioned by you.

  • Example: “Thanks @intel and @sparkfun for sponsoring the hardware for our BLE bot 9000 workshop!”

Hashtag(#) - If you want to categorize your tweet by a specific topic you can use a hashtag. This allows people who are searching that topic to find/see your tweet easily.

  • Example: “Thanks @intel and @sparkfun for sponsoring the hardware for our BLE bot 9000 workshop! #HacksterLive”

This is an effective way to give intel and sparkfun a shout out that can easily be found by searching for Hackster Live. Keep in mind you can use multiple hashtags per tweet but you need to stay within your 140 characters.

Reply/Conversations - Here is where things get a little confusing. You can reply to a tweet from another user by pressing the “reply” button. You will notice that hitting “reply” automatically places @username at the beginning of the message. You can also start a conversation in the same way.

This is not the same as a mention! By replying or starting a conversation with @username, the only people who can see the tweet in their timeline are people that follow both you and the person that you are conversing with. If you want to reply or start a conversation with a specific user and make sure everyone can see your tweet in their timeline, you must include a character at the beginning of the tweet. This is typically a period.


  • "@Hacksterio Thanks for the awesome swag! #HacksterLive #Hackathon"

Since there is nothing before the @Hacksterio this is considered a conversation between you and Hacksterio and only people who follow BOTH you and Hacksterio will see this on their timeline.

By placing a period in front of the @Hacksterio, twitter now sees this as a mention instead of a conversation and anyone who follows you OR Hacksterio can see this tweet on their timeline.

There are lots of other terms and things to know about twitter, but for the purposes of Hackster you should only need to know the terms above. It you want to learn more about how to use twitter check out twitter’s guide here.

If you are still confused about the differences between mentions, replies, and hashtags this article by dominique jackson on sprout social is really helpful.

What our sponsors like to see:

The best way to send a shout out to sponsors is with a tweet that includes a mention and a picture. Mentions can quickly and easily be tracked, and pictures are great because they give a glimpse of what ambassadors are doing with the hardware sponsors provide.

See some good examples below:

Not sure who our sponsors are and how to mention them in a tweet? Check out the list here.

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