Only add your address if you are the person from your city who receives shipments.

Note that if you ever want to take a month off, remove your address from your Live page so you won't receive a hardware shipment that month. We'll only ship hardware to ambassadors who are currently active (e.g. - who ran a meetup with the hardware that they were shipped last month)

1. Go to the Hackster live page. Scroll down to “Global Chapters” and click on your chapter link. 

2. Click on the grey “Manage Page” drop down menu under your Meetup Title. 

3. Click on “Edit Settings”. 

4. Click 'Please select an address from your address book'.

5. Choose your address. 

If you already have an address in Hackster (for instance, because you've shopped in the hackster store) you can choose an address by clickin on 'ship to this address.'

Otherwise, select 'add new address'

And enter your address in the fields provided

6. IMPORTANT: After adding your address, be sure to select 'ship to this address'

7. On the main settings page, add your email to recieve tracking updates. 

8. Add any shipping notes (e.g. ring doorbell). Note that depending on the supplier, these may be ignored, so be sure to have your address as clear as possible.

You're done! Let us know if you experience any problems in #amb_shipping.

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