Not sure how to post events to the Hackster live page? Follow the step by step instructions below:

1. Go to the Hackster live page. Scroll down to “Global Chapters” and click on your chapter link.

2. Click on the grey “Manage Page” drop down menu under your Meetup Title.

3. Click on “Add an event”.

4. Choose a name for your event.

5. Click the drop down menu for “Workshop” and choose the sponsored workshop your event will be based upon.

* This is optional if you're just running a Hacks & Snacks meetup, or organizing a non-sponsored meetup

NOTE: Selecting a meetup automatically includes a description of the project and a list of downloads, software, and hardware needed for that workshop in the email that goes out when you publish your event, so you don't have to write these anymore. We'll include the text for these emails in our ambassador updates so you can see what we're saying.

6. Set your time zone. Click on the drop down menu and scroll through the options until you find the time zone that corresponds to your meetup location.

7. Using the drop down menu, choose the date of your meetup from the calendar.

8. Set the start time of the event using the up and down arrows below the time. Make sure you set whether the event will be taking place in the AM or PM. You can change this by clicking on the AM/PM icon.

9. Repeat Step 8 with the end date and time.

10. Enter the address where the event will be held. Make sure to include the state if it is applicable to you.

11. Use the drop down menu to find the country where you are holding your event.

12. Click the blue Go! Button at the bottom of the event creator. This will bring you to a preview page.

13. Click the “Edit event” button at the top left corner of your preview page.

14. You will see the event you created along with some new text boxes on the right side of the screen. Use the “About this event” text box to include the details of your event such as what topics will be covered, what will be provided, what your guests should bring, and any links to downloads or other information your guests may need to come prepared.

15. If you are using another page to promote the event in addition to Hackster live, such as a meetup group page, facebook, or a makerspace website, be sure to include the website url in the “Event website” textbox.

16. Once you are happy with your event, click the “Save changes” button on the top right corner of the page. This will bring you back to the preview page.

17. You should now be able to see what your guests will see when they click on your event. You can go back and edit your event again (see step 13 above), or if you are ready you can publish* your event. Click the “Publish event” button on the top left corner of your screen.

*Note - By clicking the "Publish event" button, an e-mail will automatically be sent to all of the members in your Hackster Live group and will be visible to anyone who clicks on your group name from the Hackster Live page.

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