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How do I add/create a new project?
How do I add/create a new project?
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You can add a new project by clicking the "+" sign on the top right corner of your screen or by going to

Our project builder will walk you through the steps to add elements to your project. There is also a helpful checklist on the right panel to remind you of which project elements create a high quality project.

Once you're done editing, click "go to project" and see how it looks! To publish your project and make it visible in searches and on your profile, go to the project publication settings and update your project to "discoverable". Select a difficulty level, how much time it would take to build and what - if any - open source license you'd like to publish under.

In your publication settings you can indicate whether this project includes instructions to build or whether you're still making updates. These settings will identify your project as a "tutorial", "spotlight" or "work in progress".

Be sure to add relevant tags so your project shows up in search results! Adding tags will also link your project to the relevant Topic page ( The platform and product tags are automatically added based off your project's BOM list, aka "Things" list.

Click "save changes" to publish your project.

Already have your project on another site? Use our importer to quickly turn it into a Hackster project. Learn about that here: Importing Projects.

Curious how your project is added to a company's platform hub? Check out this article: How can I get my project to be published under a specific platform hub?

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