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How do I add my project to a platform hub?
How do I add my project to a platform hub?
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Say you just wrote a project that uses an Arduino Nano board and you would like it to show up on links content dynamically through its topics, parts and tags. Your project will appear on Arduino if you properly tag an Arduino part in your project's "Things" list. You cannot go directly to the platform hub and "add" project.

To tag a part in your Things list, begin typing the part name. It will auto-suggest a part for you to choose from. If you don't see a part in the list, try typing the platform name first and then the component name.

If you still cannot find the right part from our search suggestions, you can create a new part and select the appropriate platform under "Made by". This will allow you to select the corresponding platform name.

Lastly, please note that hubs have different moderation settings, and in some cases projects might require a review by an admin before they're published under a specific hub. If you don't see your project right away, give it some time or comment on the platform hub's discussion board for an admin to see.

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