We all get stuck sometimes. Where do you turn if your project just isn't working?

The Hackster staff can't provide assistance with specific hardware or projects, but here's what we recommend:

  • Read the manual and/or check the online documentation.

  • Search the official product forums for threads about your dilemma.

  • Find a similar project on Hackster, and ask the author in the comments – so everyone can learn the solution! Use the exact text of any error messages you're getting.

  • Subscribe to the platform on Hackster, so you'll see if someone posts a related project later.

  • Head to your local makerspace with your project! You might just find the perfect person to help.

Plus, the usual troubleshooting steps...

  • Google the exact text of the error

  • Power connected? Battery good? Switched on?

  • Correct resistor values?

  • Do you need a common ground?

  • Is your LED backwards?

  • NPN or PNP?

  • Are your solder connections secure? (Especially if you're getting inconsistent results)

  • Double-check each pin of your IC: are all connections are in place?

  • Check for shorts (both kinds ;) )

  • Don't set your microcontroller on a static-proof bag!

  • Is the monitor powered on?

  • Volume up?

  • Are the right Arduino board and USB port selected?

  • Update your software

  • Is the tutorial from 2009?

  • Mercilessly check and re-check for typos, semicolons, closed brackets/parentheses

  • Talk your rubber duck through the problem

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again...?

Best of luck :)

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