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How do I add tags on a project?
How do I add tags on a project?
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What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword that helps categorize your project with other similar projects.

How do I create a new tag?

Users with over 1,000 reputation points can create new tags when publishing a new project. Always try to use existing tags and only create a new tag if you think your project covers an entirely new topic. When creating a new tag also consider whether the topic is broad enough for other users to apply to their projects.

Once created, new tags will be made available for other Hackster members to use. Tags that are not used by another user within 6 months of creation will be deleted. Additionally, if tag moderators find a new tag is too similar to an existing tag it will be merged as a synonym.

What makes a good tag?

Platforms (eg: Arduino) and products (eg: Arduino UNO) have their own pages on To assign a project to a specific platform please read this. Since platforms and products are associated to projects through their own system, tags should not be about a platform or product. This creates duplication and doesn't improve the discoverability of projects. Instead, you should tag your projects with topics or technical features. Also consider that a tag shouldn't be so broad that it encompasses the majority of projects.

Example of GOOD tags:




Example of BAD tags:

arduino (this is a platform)

arduino uno (this is a product)

internet of things (this is too broad)

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