It can be slow growing your meetup, but here are some tips to hack that:

  • Make sure that you schedule a meetup within 3 days of creating your meetup page. Your meetup will be announced to the meetup community at that time, so it’s best to have an event scheduled!
  • Having a Meetup group will enable people to join the group and be notified of recurring meetups.
  • Use to reach out to other meetup organizers in your area and ask them to advertise your event to their meetup, or go to their meetup and announce it in person. (Note: NEVER advertise your meetup on someone else's meetup discussion board without asking first!)
  • Invite local open-source / tech groups to attend, especially those where you have strong connections!
  • Visit your local makerspace(s)’ meeting and give an announcement.
  • Create a Facebook event and link it to your Meetup event.
  • Tweet every day leading up to the event
  • Run regular meetups to keep your community engaged.

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