For full meetup instructions, see Running a Hack Night

Note that you should create your event on the Hackster Live page using the instructions here first. Silicon Tier Ambassadors should encourage their guests to RSVP though their Hackster Live event page. If you are using meetup to promote your Hackster Live events, follow the steps below to create an event on Meetup.

To schedule a Meetup, click ‘Schedule a Meetup’ from the ‘Group tools’ dropdown on your Meetup’s homepage.

First add the basic information, then you can go through each section individually to add more advanced settings:

  • The basics: Name, Date, Time, Location, and Description. When writing the description, try to indicate to your members what you'll be doing at the Meetup (Will it be an activity? A discussion? A presentation?). You should also let members know if they need to bring anything along. To get the event on Hackster's calendar you must include the word "Hackster" in the meetup name!
  • Who's hosting this Meetup: By default, the organizer creating the Meetup will show up as the Event Host. If someone else is hosting the Meetup, select them and they will then have Event Host controls over the Meetup
  • Automatically repeat this Meetup: Set your Meetup to recur weekly, bi-monthly, or at any interval you wish. Keep in mind all Meetups in the series will be based off this original Meetup
  • Charging for this Meetup: Add an event fee
  • RSVP settings: Set RSVP and guest limits, and enable a waiting list. You can also set an opening and/or a closing date for RSVPs.
  • Ask a question when members RSVP: Only Event Hosts will be able to see your members' answers. It’s possible for members to skip these questions, so some members may click through without answering
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