Here’s a list of past workshops:

Upverter: Breadboard to PCB: May 2017

Projects on Hackster: Part 1 - Making the Simon Says Game, Part 2 - Designing a PCB using Upverter, Part 3 - Manufacturing the PCB

Webinar on Youtube: Upverter // Making PCB Design Easy, Powerful and Approachable

Arduino 101 Lend me your Ears: March/April 2017

Intel Arduino 101, Blynk & Annyang

Projects on Hackster: Lend me your ears, Hackster Live March 2017 Workshop

Webinar on Youtube: Voice Controlled LEDs

Arduino 101 BLE Bot 9000: November/December 2016

Webinar on Youtube: BLE Bot 9000

Project on Hackster: BLE Bot 9000

Sparkfun Blynk: September/October 2016

Projects on Hackster: Getting Started with the Sparkfun Blynk board

Intel Edison Tweet Cute Dog: July/August 2016

Webinar on Youtube: Intel Edison Tweet Cute Dog

Projects on Hackster: Intel Edison, Twitter API, and Cute Dogs, Cute Dogs 2: Electric Woofaloo

Building Alexa Skills: May/June 2016

Webinar on Youtube: Building Alexa Skills

Particle + Azure Weather Station: March/April 2016

Project on Hackster: Particle + Azure Weather Station

Webinar on Channel9: Particle + Azure Weather Station

You can also find a list of Hackster Live educational materials here.

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