Product Guidelines
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Get your new products approved quickly, and make them look their best! Check out Erle Robotics for some great examples.

First, add a beautiful photo. Here's your checklist:

  • Close up

  • In focus

  • White or transparent background

  • No added text

Be descriptive! Use this space to highlight the item's most important features, and add links to detailed spec sheets and documentation. Instructions for working with the device can be published as a project.

Don't clutter your product description – this isn't the time for a sales pitch; get to the point.

Try not to use ALL CAPS, if you can avoid it.

Required fields for approval: 

  • Name

  • Type

  • Description

  • Product image

  • At least one of Link to store or Link to product page

All products should be branded by your company.

Our team approves all products before they can be linked to a project. We routinely approve go and approve new products, but you can also email us at [email protected] to speed up the process.

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