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Customers can search for projects that use parts they have (or want). They can also add your product to their toolbox.

Add your catalog of modules, shields, backpacks, capes, doodads, whatsits, and let your community tag projects with these components! First, read our guidelines to get your products approved ASAP.

To add a part, first click “Manage products” in your Settings menu.

Create a new part using the button.

You can add a name, description, tags, MSRP, image, and links to the relevant store page, product page, docs, libraries, and datasheets.

Now, the product will show up on your homepage.


To have the product auto-complete when someone uses it in a project, it will need to be approved by our team. We routinely check and approve new products, but you can also email us at [email protected] to speed up the process.

Projects that have selected your products in their "Things" list will automatically be added to the pages for your platform and that specific product.

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