Host your Meetup Event in a place that is centrally located for most members. Make sure that is close to public transportation or parking for those with cars.

Noise: You want to ensure that the place you choose is not to loud.

Size: Make sure you choose a place that is appropriate for the number of people you expect to attend. If you are having a social gathering of 20 people, having a venue that is too big will have members too far from each other to interact. On the other side, an event with 50 people in a space that only fits 40 people will be an issue was well.

Do they have what you need? If your event requires special equipment such as a projector make sure that they have it or can accommodate you if you bring your own. If you are not familiar with the venue, don’t just rely on internet pictures and their website to make your decision. Some venues significantly change depending on the day of the week. Go to the venue to check it out and specifically ask about the day/time you are looking to host your event.

Venue suggestions

TechShop: Email them beforehand and see if there is an available conf room or workshop with tables and soldering irons. Often, you can host events for free, as it’s in their interest to bring in potential members.

Local tech business: Visit meetups for people with similar interests, and see where they’re hosted. Often these venues are business offices for tech companies, who will be happy to sponsor by providing space for free.

Local hackerspace: Attend a meeting beforehand and ask directly whether it’s all right to host there. They may ask you to post to the mailing list.

  • Tour the space and make sure it’s roomy enough; people will need to spread out, given the nature of hardware.
  • Also consider whether there is a separate space where you can spread out and chat without disturbing the local denizens.
  • Hackerspaces can be healthily cautious toward commercially-sponsored groups. (Even though we charge only the platforms on Hackster and pass on the benefits to our members, we are not a non-profit.)

These are also all great places to tell people about your event! Try to visit in person and tailor your message, naturally – you’ll get a much better response. Putting up flyers can be helpful as well.

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