It's a good idea to send emails to participants before and after the events

Things to include :

  • Link to sign up on Hackster
  • Projects that were created at and inspired by your meetup
  • Where sponsors were hi-lighted during the meetup
  • Links to downloads they'll need at the meetup
  • photos from the meetup
  • Anything fun that you would post to #amb_chat slack channel

Sample Email Copy:

Hey Hacksters!

Hackster Hardware Meetup will be held at [time] at [location & address].
We’ll be discussing [topic].

Before coming, DO THIS:
If you’ve built a project, you can add your code, schematics, and bill of materials on Hackster. Turn your creations into shareable portfolio pieces!

Necessary software/Cloud Tools can be downloaded here [link].

We’ll have [hardware] for you try out.
As always, please bring a computer and any cool projects or hardware you’d like to show and tell.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, you can always watch on [livestream link]

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