Did you know we have a YouTube channel? Let's make you a star!

There are two main shows: Hardware Café and Virtual Workshop. You can do either, or both! (For now, we are doing one episode per show per company.)

How to sign up: Sign up for a recording spot; we record every Wednesday, and you can join us in our San Francisco studio or remotely. I (Alex) will follow up with you via email.

What to send us: Y​our confirmation, with a few high­-res photos for advertising – preferably including some of your face and your product or work.

Hackster Café: Maker news & interviews

Sign up for a spot

These interviews are released every Tuesday.

We generally ask you about your platform, a bit about you as a maker, then discuss any new updates, go over some of the coolest Hackster projects for your platform, and ideally, do a live demo. Bring big announcements and new tech if you have any! Past episodes here

We'll chat for 10-15 minutes. We’d love to see you in person, at our secret volcano lair in San Francisco (620 Folsom St, Suite 100). We can fit you and one guest.

Otherwise, we can have you on virtually via Crowdcast.io, in which case, I'll invite you on using the email you signed up with. No more advance setup is needed, but please see the guidelines below for good audio/video quality.

Hackster Workshop

Sign up for a spot

A new Workshop goes live each Thursday. It should fit comfortably into an hour.

We prefer projects that have a tutorial on Hackster – shoot me a link, and I’ll make sure it’s approved in our queue! Past episodes here

The best setup is for someone to build the project from scratch, who hasn’t made it before, with the assistance of someone who is familiar with it.
That way, we capture the first­-time excitement and suspense, but with a lifeline to prevent absolute failure. :)

As with the interviews, we’d love to see your face live in the office with us, but we can virtualize you (usually via Google Hangouts On Air). No more advance setup is needed, but please see the guidelines below for good audio/video quality.


Make sure you have a good Internet connection!! There's not much we can do after the fact about robo-voice, jerky video, or other glitches. And we really don't want to restart from the beginning.

We'll check sound and video before we go. Ideal conditions include:

- Great internet connection

- Standalone microphone (or earbuds with a built-in mic)

- Nothing running that eats up your processor

- Calm, clutter-free environment

- Good lighting

We'll put the recording up on YouTube and shoot you the link as soon as it's live, and let you know when it'll go out on our social media and Friday newsletter.

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