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Moderating Projects

Learn more about how you can moderate how projects are shown and organized on your platform hub.

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Moderation Settings

In your admin menu, you’ll see two relevant links: “Edit settings” and “Moderate projects”. Let’s look at the regular “Edit settings” page first, where you can set the moderation level:

Select a moderation level from the dropdown menu. Your page can show everything your makers submit, or everything we approve for the front page, or – at the most controlled level – only projects that you've directly approved.

We curate what appears on the Hackster front page, to make sure that those projects include schematics, assembly steps, code, and a bill of materials to help other hackers. Using these settings, you can show whatever you like on your community page – but for more exposure, encourage your community to publish finished complete projects!

With any moderation setting, you can approve projects manually: just go to your platform page and click "Moderate projects" under the settings icon.

With one click, show or hide each project based on your own criteria.

Just remember, there are two different ways to moderate projects:

  1. Setting the the overall moderation level of your page via your hub settings

  2. Going to "Moderate projects" from your settings and toggling on or off the visibility of individual projects (which overrides the moderation level set in #1 above).

FAQ: Why doesn’t [project] appear on my platform page?

Make sure that products made with your product/tool shows up on your page! Here’s how:

  • The project must list your product/tool in the BOM list i.e. Things used in this project section.

  • The project must be listed as public in the Publication settings.

If you have your moderation level set to “Only projects approved by the Hackster team”, we’ll need to approve it first. We usually get to projects within 3 days after they’re made public.

  • In order to be approved by our team, the project must include its code, component list, and any relevant circuit schematics and assembly instructions.

  • If it does not meet these standards, we will hide the project and email the author. It is up to them to add the needed information or choose not to.

  • You can still approve the project on your page manually, under “Moderate Projects”, as shown above.

Custom Categories

If you have specific terms and labels you'd like to organize your projects by, you can create custom categories in your hub's project settings tab. By creating custom categories, you'll need to add projects manually to each category for the projects to show up under these categories of your platform hub.

If you do not create custom categories, your platform hub will have categories created automatically based on the most-used tags that projects have listed, which means you do not need to manually add these projects to categories if they are automatically generated.

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