White-label Sunset FAQ
Written by Katie Kristoff
Updated over a week ago

White-label functionality on Hackster was officially sunset in 2022. For questions about how to leverage Hackster for your business needs, contact [email protected].

Q. What will happen to the projects that are on my white-label page?

The white-label is a mirror of your Hackster platform hub. The projects appearing on your white-label are hosted on Hackster.io. You will continue to have the ability to manage them through your Hackster.io platform hub (e.g. https://www.hackster.io/avnet). If you need administrator access to your platform, email [email protected]. We recommend that you update any Hackster links on your website to link to your platform hub instead.

Q. How do I manage my projects on my platform hub?

You can manage the projects that appear on your platform hub through your platform hub settings. See our help article “moderating projects” for more information on how to do this.

Q. What happens if someone clicks on my white-label link?

The white-label subdomain will no longer exist and anyone who lands on that link will be redirected to your platform hub. If your company set up a custom domain, e.g. “projects.yourcompany.com”, we encourage you to route this link to your platform hub in your DNS settings.

Q. How do I customize my platform hub?

You must be added as an administrator to gain access to your platform hub admin panels. To request access, email [email protected]. The following help articles showcase the available features of your platform hub and provide best practices to customize and tailor your content to bring brand awareness to your community.

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